Even if you only need a few garments we are still able to offer you a great deal and we are happy to embroider your logo onto various items of clothing that you might want. We offer all of the standard clothing items - t shirts, polos, sweat shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps, beanie hats, shoe bags, rucksacks, sportwear etc etc We also specialise in creating items for special trips or events - we have one school that we supply we hoodies for their trips and they get everyone involved by running a competition to design the logo which we then stitch onto each garment. We also supply items to guides for their trips and also teams not only for everyday wear but also for special trips and events where we can make commerative items
We offer most items in sizes from 2/3 years up to a 7XL in some of our garments so we should be able to cater for most sizes.

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