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We hope that you will find our website user friendly but there may still be questions you need answering so we have listed a few points below that you may find helpful. ANY PROBLEMS JUST EMAIL US AT OR CALL 07775575172 (available 24/7) If you want to order the same product in a variety of colours and sizes and with different names it is probably easiest to just order the total number in one size and one colour on the webpage (don't worry we won't send this out) then send a seperate email will the individual colour/size/name - you can put a note in the message box at check out to confirm that various sizes are required. If you prefer to pay by card just call us on 07775575172 with details Most items that we supply are shown in the Online Catalogue (button at bottom left under Information section) so you can go on there to check out all colours and sizes available in products. You will also find a wide range of other items that can be personalised so just email us with the reference number and what you would like embroidered on it and we will give you a quote Can't see what you want - just email or call - we make so many items that it is impossible to show and list them all but check out the Online Catalogue of products (button at bottom of menu listing) to find an item you require and we can then give you a price to include whatever embroidery you would like All our prices INCLUDE the embroidery so no hidden extras Don't forget that items are all made to order and will take approx 14 days to be finished so if you want to make any changes you will have several days to request these.

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